Why Golang and its Advantage.

Golang  was developed by Google and it was made public in Novemeber/2009.
The latest Go release is Go1.15, which released in Aug/2020.
Go is opensource and it has a very active community helping for its development. It is a general-purpose language and can be used almost for the cases where other high-level language are being used.
Go was initially designed to write fast and efficient multi-threading applications. Hence Its very easy to handle concurrency/Multi-threading in Go with the help of goroutines and channel.

Some of the important features of Golang are:—

  •     A Compiled Language.
  •    Simple syntax
  •     Handling multi-threading/concurrent App is very easy.
  •    Supports static linking.
  •     Garbage-collected
  •    Open-source
  •     Fast and Efficient
  •    Robust standard library
  •     Scalable.
  •    Support Many popular tools.

The compilation time and execution time is very fast compared to other languages.
Go has a very robust standard library and its very easy to write the applications with few lines of code.
Also there is a garbage collector in go which takes care of the memory management.
As Go compiler supports static linking, hence the Go applications can be easily compiled and all the required dependencies are packed to a single binary. Now this app can be easily deployed on cloud or other servers without much worying about dependency.

As Go is a compiled language, hence can be caompiled to a native binary on target machine and hence next time execution(of the generated binary) give better performance(as the complete execution-time is reduced), which is opposit to a “interpreted-language”, where the interpreter execute the code directly on the fly.
Golang can be installed on the platforms like Linux, Windows and MacOS.
Some of the tools, which are most popular among the developes and comes bundled with GoLang are:—
gofmt – used for automatically format the go source code.
golint – used to identify the styling issues in the code

Top Organizations using Golang are:–

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • IBM
  • Apple
  • Twitter and Many others…

There are many popular products which has been build using Golang like,

  • Docker – One of the most popular contenerized platform is developed using Go.
  • Kubernetes – Google have developed Kubernetes using Golang.
  • Dropbox – Dropbox have migrated most of its critical componeents to Golang.

On the other side, The areas where golang still need to prove itself are:—

Banking applications.
Gamming sector,
Mobile application development.
Kernel/OS development.
Aerospace applications etc.

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